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Spectacular Irish scenery captured through a series of walked-up photographic excursions at Glendalough House. Presented by Fran Byrne.

Water Lily, Water Gardens, Glendalough House

Water Lily by Moya Sweeney, Water Gardens, Glendalough House

In association with local landscape & wildlife photographer, Fran Byrne, Glendalough House Photowalks offers photography enthusiasts the opportunity to capture some of the Garden of Ireland’s most spectacular scenery as found at Glendalough House. Through a series of prearranged walked-up photographic excursions into the private grounds at Glendalough House, photographers are given enough advice, time and space (1500 acres!) to be able to relax and wait for shots, as opposed to having to let luck play too much the greater role.

Glendalough House Photowalks

Fran’s extensive knowledge of the Glendalough House grounds affords all from novice photographers to experienced photojournalists the ability to capture ‘perfect shots’ of Co. Wicklow scenery within the estate's varying backdrops as they change seasonally, throughout the year.

For bookings and information on up and coming Glendalough House Photowalks dates, please contact Fran on:

telephone: +353 87 695 5352


and remember to keep an eye on the Glendalough House Facebook page!

Rainbow, Glendalough House

To see further examples of Fran’s photography and to learn of his photographic style and his choice of shot, please surf the pages of this website and visit:

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Crook's Wood, Glendalough House Photowalks