Yes, GHE provides riding hats (helmets), but nothing ever fits like your own!

GHE recommends that you come equipped with the correct riding boots and provides 'safety stirrups' in the event that only reasonable footwear (boots/shoes with a heel) can be sourced by yourself.


Yes, we can accomodate you for treks in the Off Season (October thru March). However, whilst the GHE trekking yard doesn't operate at capacity throughout this time of year, it can get busy over the weekends or on school breaks, so please call +353 404 45116 ASAP to book;

Bookings are taken on a 'first call' basis. Treks must be booked in advance and trek extensions at the time of trekking are subject to availability and the discretion of the Lead Rider!

The minimum riding age is 6! So, providing you are aged 6 or older... you can ride at Glendalough House Equestrian!


The treks cover a variety of routes and terrains that link fire roads, single track, fields, deciduous woods, ever green woods, riverside walks, hills, gallops... The Wicklow County countryside provides the scenery and it's really up to you, and your Lead Rider, to make it up as you go along...

GHE comprises approximately 28km of trails and treks, including some faster rides if you feel up to it!

GHE caters to all levels of rider, meaning that if you haven't ridden before we can get you started and have you out in beautiful surroundings in no time;

Canters and gallops are at the discretion of the Lead Rider, providing that he/she is certain of riders' capabilities.


Yes, paying on the day is OK!

You benefit from our 'Children' rate if you are aged 16 years or under.


There is plenty of private parking at Glendalough House Equestrian!

Now, get out there and ENJOY!!