Horse Riding Lessons

Shiny Green or just plain Rusty?!

Young Rider at Glendalough House Equestrian

Feeling a little rusty or just haven’t ridden a horse before? For those wishing to brush up on their riding or who simply want to try riding for the first time, Glendalough House Equestrian offers horse riding lessons for riders, children (6 years and over) through adults.

Glendalough House Equestrian provides a rider centered learning experience employing ethical and sustainable training technics that consider the welfare of both horse and rider. We believe that the responsibilities for equine welfare and good practices lie nearly exclusively with the  lead-riders -those who lead the way!

Novices are introduced to riding through a "from the ground up" format in the center's all-weather sand & foam filled riding arena, which quickly promotes the control and confidence needed to get out onto the trails and to the enjoyment of riding a horse ASAP!!

Most important of all, Glendalough House Equestrian is about pleasure and fun, so individuals, families and friends can enjoy learning how to ride a horse in a stress free environment.

Riding Lesson Pricing

Duration Adult Children
60 mins €40 €35
90 mins €60 €50

Riding lessons cater to up to 5 riders at a time and are subject to availability.

Top-tip: A popular choice is to take a "best of both" combo of 30 minutes lesson prior to a 60 minute trek, all for the cost of a standard 90 minute trek!