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Vikings, Glendalough House

The grounds at Glendalough House have set the scene for many a film, TV, video and photo shoot. The site, with its vast array of natural beauty, is a favorite amongst location scouts, who continuously scour The Garden Of Ireland (the Co. Wicklow countryside) for that ever elusive, ultimate backdrop.

Pond & Far Lawn, Glendalough House

The estate grounds comprise 1480 acres including: 1.2km of main drive; 3.2km of riverside; approximately 200 acres of deciduous (mostly oak) forests; 800 acres of rolling pastures and parkland; 15 acres matured gardens, lawns, water gardens and ponds; 150 acres of pine forests; and 300 acres of mountain moors (including Scarr Mountain). From the Avonmore river at the Annamoe boundary (172m AMSL) to the summit of Scarr (622m AMSL) is an elevation change of 450m over a distance of 4.7km across the property. A public road runs north-south through the estate between the villages of Old Bridge and Laragh.

John Boorman's Excalibur, Glendalough House

Always of particular interest to film scouts is Crook's Wood. This forest, which set the scene for much John Boorman's Excalibur, the family adventure, Ella Enchanted and Vikings, is one of the last remaining private oak woods of its size (approx 200 acres) in Ireland.

Ella Enchanted, Glendalough House

The woods demonstrate dramatic seasonal change and are famous for delivering an extensive comcentration of bluebells, when they bloom. Photowalks, organised by local nature and wildlife photographer, Fran Bynre regularly capture the forest and its annual evolution and post their photography online at the Glendalough House Facebook Page. It is well worth keeping on the Page to browse the scenic magnificence that these groups of photographers capture.

 Glendalough House Bluebell Forest & Oak Woods

Over the past years, a de-fencing program has been undertaken to rid some areas of the property of its old wire cattle fences, the result of which offers a "rolling plains" effect landscape.  Some of the fields are dotted with free standing mature oak trees and granite walled copses.

Rolling Plains Glendalough House

Old stone features litter the estate grounds ranging from archaeologically important neolithic pieces (see Archaeology) to old iron gates on granite pillars to kilometers of six-foot-thick drystone walling to historic granite buildings... The South Wing and Upper Yard (both pictured below) provide interesting period filming.

Granite Structures, Glendalough House

Please take time to surf the other pages of this site, as there are most likely many location solutions further to those listed just sitting on the Glendalough House doorstep offering up great potential production value! Similarly, hosting festivals and other entertainment and outdoor events has its production bonuses... Stages, bridges, tree-houses, art installations and tons of paraphernalia are left over for those in need of somethng different!

Scarr mountain, Glendalough House estate

Often overlooked is Scarr Mountain to the west of the estate. Bordered on three sides by the Wicklow Mountains National Park, views from Scarr are some of the most dramatic in Ireland.


Filmed at Glendalough House

The following are some of the best to have been shot at Glendalough House:









Movies - Excalibur, Ella Enchanted, Kidnapped, Zonad

Guiness, Ford & Coca-Cola, Glendalough House

Movie Documentaries - Behind the Sword in the Stone

TV Series - VikingsOff the Rails, Random Passage, Awash With Colour

TV Documentaries - Halloween, Ar Douer Fein

Music Videos - Still, The Revs

Commercials - Guinness, Ford (Mondeo), Coca-Cola (Cherry)

Photo Shoots - VIP Magasine, Miss Ireland, Miss World, Arnotts Menswear


Location Fees & Storage

Space for long term Storage is available to rent at Glendalough House. A number of units in buildings of varying sizes ranging from 16m to 1320m squared can be viewed and fees discussed upon request. Basic location fees are listed below, but are subject to requirement, timescale and budget. Please contact us via the details listed on this page for further information.

Bascic daily location fees guide:

Duration Acticity Rate
Per Day Preparation €800
Per Day Shoot €1600
Per Day Wrap / Put Back €800



Interest: 'Behind the Sword in the Stone' - the making of John Boorman's 1981 epic, Excalibur.

In 2011, Alec Moore and Mark Wright set about filming a documentary on the making of John Boorman's 1981 epic movie, 'Excalibur', much of which was filmed on location between Glendalough House and, neighbouring estate, Luggala. 'Behing the Sword in the Stone' retraces the footsteps and interviews many of the cast and crew involved with making Excalibur, which has been acknowledged for its importance to the Irish film making industry and for helping launch the careers of Liam NeesonGabriel Byrne and Neil Jordan.

Excalibur Battle Scene

Pictured below... Mark Wright and Alec Moore with Excalibur director, John Boorman at Glendalough House discussing the secret behind the sword in the stone and how it was "fixed" so securely. Three of the pictures show the concrete form into which the sword, Excalibur was plunged.

Discussing the making of Excalibur with John Boorman, Glendalough House

The sword slid into a rubber "slip" (top right) that acted as a large sheath or scabbard, thereby protecting the blade from unnecessary abraision. Once pushed completely home, the scabbard was crushed by two "crush bolts" (bottom left) to clasp the sword that was thus sandwiched and securely gripped by the rubber. The centre image demonstrates the final effect, as shot in the movie, complete with model boulder made up around the concrete form.

A short fund raiser by Alec Moore and Mark Wright promoting "Behind the Sword in the Stone":