Scarr Mountain

On a clear day, you can see Carthage!

OK, that's not true, but you can see Wales.

In complete contrast to the rest of the estate, Scarr Mountain, located just inside the western boundary, conjures up all that is wild and beautiful of the Wicklow Mountains with scenery that is so dramatic, it is almost out of this world...

Moongrass, Scarr Mountain, Glendalough House

At 2105 ft, 20th century Ordnance Survey maps name Scarr as the highest point in the immediate area, whereas Google Earth shows the summit as being 644m AMSL, which is not bad considering the lack of technology in the early 1900s and, who knows, perhaps Google are wrong! Either way, the views are spectacular!

Views North & South, Scarr Mountain, Glendalough House

Also known as "Barton's Hill", named after Thomas Johnston Barton who, in 1838, purchased the estate from most unpopular landlord, Thomas Hugo. Historically, Scarr and many of the surrounding Wicklow Mountains would have been densely populated by hardwoods, although these forests were harvested for their timber to feed the ship building demand of the British Naval effort against the Spanish Armada. All that remains today are the spartan pines of Childers' Wood - formerly Barton's Wood - to the northwest of the summit.

... Still, no sign of Wales, but we promise you that it's out there!!

View East from Scarr Mountain, Glendalough House