Storage Rental

Space for long term storage is available to rent at Glendalough House. A number of units in buildings of varying shapes and sizes ranging from 4x4m to 60x22m (16m2 to 1320m2) can be viewed by prior arrangement.

Storage at Glendalough HouseStorage fees are available upon request, are based on requirement, timescale and budget and are offered on a first come first served basis.

"Anytime access" to the property via the main gate is given to those under contract only under circumstances where it is deemed necessary by Glendalough House management. Licencees will also be responsible for the choice of lock used to secure the facility. A copy of the key to same must be lodged with the Glendalough House management.

Glendalough House Storage

Please contact us via the details listed on this page for further information.


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