Sound & Vision

Let there be Just Lite & sound too!

Glendalough House stages a number of live performance events throughout the year and, from so doing, has developed a keen eye on lighting its natural and architectural surroundings, as well as its interiors, to complement the mood of the events being staged. Lighting and providing sound at a reception or function is no exception, therefore Glendalough House uses Just Lite to ensue the very best.

Irrespective of the size and theme of a wedding, lighting can be used to different effect to highlight areas of importance and to create general ambiance essential to the specific timing of a celebration. Using soft focus to lose vicinities surplus to requirement makes for the perfect delineation of areas and their activities.

The provision of lighting and PA comes as a complete package, specifically tailored to meet the demands of the occasion. Great sound will set the audible tone of an event much in the same way as good lighting design will visually and is a requisite to maintaining a continued excitement throughout a soiree as much as it is for pinpointing speeches with clarity. With this in mind, a selection of PAs are available to ensure that guests are bathed in sound of a warm and high audible quality, at least whilst being able to hear themselves think at the same time!